Strives to educate as many people as possible; both locally and internationally, about our ecosystems and what each and everyone of us can do to help preserve wildlife

Medical care, rehabilitation, release, research and education.

The animal encounters during (school)presentations with the ambassador animals have a great impact on the children and helps spread awareness for our beautiful nature.

What does the FDOC education program entail?

Drs. Doest firmly believes in the importance of teaching our youth about wildlife preservation. She does this through her educational sessions, which she voluntarily gives at schools, daycare centers and scouting groups. By doing so Drs. Doest ensures that the message about wildlife preservation and helping animals in peril is received at a fairly young age. During these sessions she is accompanied by various rescue animals, to further boost the message with a visual example on what negative effects we as humans can have on animals due to our carelessness towards nature.


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What does the FDOC education program entail?